Working Papers:

The Optimal Tax Progressivity and Household Heterogeneity 

Accounting for Wealth Concentration in the US

with Barış Kaymak and Markus Poschke [draft] [slides]

R&R American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

Competition, Tenant Composition, and Equilibrium Rents in Shopping Malls

with Peng Liu and Tingyu Zhou

What to Tax? The Macroeconomic and Distributional Effects of Two Progressive Tax Reforms

with Markus Poschke

Work in Progress:

Accounting for the Difference in Wealth Concentration Across Countries

with Markus Poschke

The Value of Social Insurance Programs in Japan: Quantitative Approach

with Charles Leung and Kazuto Sumita

Land Price, Firm Sorting, and the Dynamics of Firm Productivity

with Joseph Mai